Brand Story


A sudden cold breeze in the morning

Longer sunset along with the wintry skyline

And your child, all grown up and doesn’t need lullabies anymore.

Aren’t you missing the moments that will never come back in your life?

Although a day goes in the blink of an eye,

we hope you have a moment and relax even just for a while

slou values the slow rest in your busy life.



300days for producing only one mattress
Comfort found by more than 1,000 layers tests.
It is designed to get to a calm sleep


Quality of a mattress depends on features of memory foam and latex, how compose both.

At the top high density of memory foam disperse body pressure, it provides the warmth that surrounds the body.

Below the memory foam, high elasticity form functions as natural spring. It makes your movement free.

By uncountable number of experiment, Slou found out the best layer combination skills

to solve shortcoming of materials and enhance positive effects.



Pure, safe, natural mattresses.
The mattress of Slou is made environmentally friendly materials nature slowly grows.


Slow never permits Chemical color, artificial additives.
Main composition of Memory form is Bio polyol from natural ingredients and is reduced harmful chemicals.

Outer Cover was made by organic cotton and waterproof cover was made by Tencel extracted eucalyptuses.

So men and women of all ages could use with ease.



Innovation of distribution system and technology results in reasonable price.
All product prices of Slou exclude cost of unnecessary distribution.


We cut the cost of distribution structure to reduce the complex distribution system.

And trained staffs directly deliver the goods compressed by cutting-edge facilities.